Explaining Ballot Questions on Emergency Declarations in PA

Apr. 14, 2021 / Embed

All Pennsylvania voters will have the opportunity to weigh in on four ballot questions in the May 18 primary. The first two deal with emergency declarations - here is a simple comparison to help you understand what your vote means. Tune in to hear from PA State Rep. David Rowe (Snyder/Union Counties), PA State Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso (Allegheny/Westmoreland Counties), and PA State Rep. Andrew Lewis (Dauphin County) as they explain the context of the ballot questions.

Lewis Comments During Election Law Hearings

Feb. 11, 2021 / Embed

Representative Andrew Lewis questions Auditor General Timothy DeFoor at a State Gov't Committee hearing concerning Pennsylvania election laws.

Interviewing UPMC Official on COVID Vaccine Distribution

Jan. 20, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Andrew Lewis interviews Dr. Graham Snyder of UPMC about the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Lewis Discusses Moving the Primary, Other COVID-19 Issues in PA

Mar. 24, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphin) was asked about the process being made in moving the April 28 Primary Election dude to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boys Soccer Team Honored On House Floor

Feb. 05, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Andrew Lewis honors the Lower Dauphin Boys Soccer team for their 3rd championship in 4 years

Boys Soccer Team Honored On House Floor

Feb. 05, 2020 / Embed

Reps. Tom Mehaffie, Sue Helm and Andrew Lewis honor the Lower Dauphin Boys Soccer team on their 3rd championship in 4 years.

Lewis Reacts to the Governor’s Budget Proposal

Feb. 04, 2020 / Embed

PA State Rep. Andrew Lewis responds to the 2020-21 Pennsylvania state budget proposal from Gov. Wolf.

Lewis Comments on Legislation to Honor Outstanding Community Leader

Dec. 18, 2019 / Embed

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, the state House unanimously passed legislation authored by Rep. Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphin County) that would designate Route 39 from Dover Road to Forest Hills Drive in West Hanover Township as the Officer Mark Gaspich Memorial Highway.

PA Financial Reform Plan Press Conference

Dec. 18, 2019 / Embed

No tax dollar collected, held or spent by state government belongs to the government. The money belongs to the people who entrust elected officials to be fair stewards of their money.

Rep. Lewis House Floor remarks on House Resolution 600

Nov. 21, 2019 / Embed

Pa. State Rep. Andrew Lewis asks for support of House Resolution 600, designating November, 2019 as Long Term Awareness Care Month in Pennsylvania.