Nov. 20, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphin) voted “no” Friday on the 2020-21 budget proposal, which he says increases spending to unsustainable levels with one-time federal dollars, while making cuts where they are least needed.

The House and Senate passed a $35.5 billion budget that goes to the governor’s desk.

Lewis released the following statement:

“I made a pledge to the people of the 105th District to be a vigilant and responsible steward of their tax dollars when it comes to spending decisions in Harrisburg. For this reason, I could not support the budget today.

“It’s irresponsible to use accounting gimmicks and one-time federal funds to support more government spending instead of providing direct relief to families, small businesses, workers, and our brave law enforcement and first responders. Our families have had to make meaningful cuts to their own budgets to survive when economic times are tough— it shouldn’t be too much to ask for Harrisburg to do the same. Pennsylvanians deserve an honest and fiscally responsible budget that doesn’t put them at risk for tax hikes in the future.”

Representative Andrew Lewis
105th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives