Jan. 23, 2019

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphin), serving his first term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has been appointed to four legislative committees for the 2019-20 Legislative Session: Finance, State Government, Urban Affairs and Liquor Control.

“I am very excited about these committee assignments because they each encompass important issues necessary to ensure state government is working FOR our citizens,” Lewis said. “I look forward to advancing policies that will improve our tax climate, bring more openness and transparency to government operations, strengthen our communities and enhance consumer convenience.”

Having run his family’s construction business, Lewis has experienced firsthand the monumental challenges facing employers in the Commonwealth, not the least of which is a crushing tax burden.

“As a member of the Finance Committee, I will work to reform our state’s tax policies so they do not drive existing employers out of business or turn potential new businesses away before they even get off the ground,” Lewis said. “The key to increasing our tax base is not higher tax rates; it is creating a fair, predictable tax and regulatory climate that shows employers we welcome them and the jobs they bring for our citizens.”

In addition to matters of taxation and fiscal policy, the Finance Committee also reviews legislation dealing with the operation of the Pennsylvania Lottery, as well as bills regarding the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program and the Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (PACE) Program, both of which are funded by the lottery.

The House State Government Committee reviews legislation dealing with all aspects of state government, including proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution, statewide initiatives and referenda, the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act, the Regulatory Review Act, Election Code reform, lobbyist disclosure and campaign financing.

“This committee is the perfect fit for me as I work to reform our state government and restore the public’s trust in their elected officials,” Lewis said. “Pennsylvania cannot live up to its full potential without all of us working together toward a common goal.”

As a member of the House Urban Affairs Committee, Lewis will help address issues impacting the state’s cities and surrounding communities, such as housing, urban redevelopment, economic development, land use planning and zoning, infrastructure financing, and city services.

“While the city of Harrisburg is not in the 105th District, it certainly affects our communities as the hub of the region,” Lewis said. “We need a city that is safe and financially sound.”

Finally, the Liquor Control Committee is responsible for issues relating to the administration of alcoholic beverage licenses and the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

“Significant changes have been made in the past few years to help bring more consumer convenience to Pennsylvanians seeking to purchase beer and wine in grocery stores,” Lewis said. “These changes have been well-received, and I look forward to examining other ways we can get the Commonwealth out of the business of selling liquor so it can instead focus on enforcement of liquor laws, prevention of underage drinking and other liquor control functions.”

The committees will officially organize when the House returns to session next week.

Representative Andrew Lewis
105th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Patricia A. Hippler
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